Animosity / Dear Xodi Letra

Johnny Rain


Letra de Animosity / Dear Xodi
Part 1: Animosity

I've been working off the ave all week
I ain't tryna hear a melody
Talking whatever you have on me
You don't wanna see my salary
What do you love?
All you dream is my reality
Don't be tripping, don't be mad at me
I been living out a bag all week
Bitch, follow suit
You don't think I do but I know you
I ain't thinking about her or you
I been thinking about her on you
Like 1 on 2
Who do you love?
Call me daddy while I cum on you
I think I'ma make you cum for me
I've been feeling kinda numb all week
But I'll fuck you right

I've been tryna get it all
How come you don't ever talk?
Why am I the only one who calls?
How come you don't get involved?
Oh Lord
I've been going through some (shit)
I try not to cry at all
But I can't lie, I kinda bawl
Smoking some ...
Smoking something for the 4
Alcohol ain't it at all
Popping up that PM
I ain't talking tylenol
Oh God
I've been going through withdrawals
Dreaming that one day I ball
Dreaming that one day I ball

I've got so much animosity in my heart
I've got so much animosity in my heart
In my, yeah

Part 2: Dear Xodi

It's 2am and my minds gone
Tryna figure out what I'm on
Open bottle pouring that I could die on
Drowning out the sound of my Lion
All the nights of hearing him cry long
Even I'm in need of a shoulder to cry on
But I gotta act like I'm strong
Alone tryna figure how Ima buy some
Fucking diapers for my son
When I don't even know how I'ma keep the lights on
I swear like
Shit was all good couple years ago
High rides in the city slow
High lives, something spiritual
22 on my hip for any nigga that's
Plotting to come and get me though
And you
Having trouble staying consistent
Knowing we were built for commitment
But honestly, I'm so used to everybody that isn't
That I don't know how to be it myself anymore, I'm tripping
Shit, I need some guidance
And you might look at me different
I know this ain't what we envisioned
I just wonder if you see me fighting
Cause I remember just starting, When me and Mary just parted
And shit it might've been nothing to few
Cause there were so many flaws and I still don't know what you saw in me or
How I got so lucky with you
But at that point there was nothing to lose
Im still fucking with you
I swear after dealing with flaky niggas
Like Joel, CL, and YG
Relations wearing thinner than Rose, Neelam, Ali
Its getting harder to trust the people I see
They think it's harder on them, it's tougher for me
But don't ever stop putting on for the boy
Some people pray for my fall
Those things I choose to ignore
In fact, I'm starting to think I was better off before
You and I against the world
Forever yours
OD nigga for real

It's red to me
Cause I don't know any different that you're proud of me
It's red to me
And I don't know any different that you're proud of me
(That you're proud of me)