Tea And Thoughts Letra

Johnny Rain


Letra de Tea And Thoughts
Time's keep changing
I'm followed by 12 disciples with 9 lives inside my tyrant mind
I burn 6J with three masons
The math equals forever
I've never been terrified to die, nigga
So forever I'll keep chasing
My biggest fear is being the young position
I'm a master more than a Christian
More than a Buddhist, more than a Muslim
What is false religion?
What is 13 descendants inside a haunted pentagram with chains, whips and bitches believing in paradigm?
Love is the vision
Love is the vision
Why ?
Tell me what you see
I know a million fall
Bowing at your feet
I hope you
I hope you
Your diamonds on my back
Shining bright as the sun
There's something in your heart
Don't you say you're gonna
I know you
I hope you