Master Of Disguise Letra

Johnny Rain


Letra de Master Of Disguise
There was light and there was hurt (Yeah)
Oh na na na
I think I fell in love
(I think it was the way) The wind blew
(Maybe the way) Her hips moved
(Yeah) Her lips too
I said "What's up, baby? (What's up mama?)
An angel resonare
The vice was in the air
I couldn't help but stare
Oh, what a tough lady
She didn't need me either
That was my favorite feature
But I could see the lust in her eyes when she said
Oh can't you see now
Baby you, you're so fine and so free
What do you see in me tonight?
(That's what she said)
What do you want from me?
Do you believe in love in perfect sync
(I think I never really did either but..)
I think I might
Her lips moved (She smiled)
I didn't lose
I don't wanna be apart anywhere you are
I feel the skies and all the star everywhere you are you are
The wind blew
Her hips moved
She went through
And I said baby ?
Your heart is in the eyes
Just break it 'til we're making love
A ? to your surprise
Tell me where you're taking us
There's ? in your eyes
And thanks for what you're making up
A Master of Disguise

Do you see
All of the stars
In your eyes
Because I see them shine
Oh I see them shine
And I see
Just who you are
In your eyes
Girl I see divine
Oh right baby freedom right