Letra de Reader's Digest
Alice is a drag queen
Bowie somewhere in between
Other bands are looking mean
Me, I'm trying to stay clean
I don't dig the radio
I hate what the charts pick
Rock and roll may not be dead, but it's getting sick
All over the world, disc jockeys talk insane
Every town I play, it's like I wonder why I came

The Rolling Stones are trillionaires
The flower children pallbearers
Beatles said "All You Need is Love"
And then they broke up
River took an overdose
Kurt followed so close
The whole music scene and all the bands are pretty comatose
This time last year, people didn't want to hear
They looked at Jesus from afar
They say He's a superstar

Dear John
Who's more popular now?
'Cos I've been listening to Paul's records, and I think he really is dead

It's 1994
Teen spirit has become a bore
Who's in power now?
I think I'll turn on the TV
Man on the news says Japan is gonna beat us
We shot all our dreamers, and there's no one left to lead us
We need a solution
We need salvation
So they sent some people to the moon to gather information

They brought back a big back of rocks
It only cost 13 million buckaroos
Must be some really nice rocks

You think it's such a sad thing when you see a fallen king
Then you find out they are only princes to begin with
Everybody has to choose whether they will win or lose
Follow God or sing the blues
And who they're gonna sin with
What's the mess the world is in?
I wonder who began it
Don't ask me
I'm only visiting the planet

This world is not my home
I'm just passing on through