Terrestrial Letra

John Moreland


Letra de Terrestrial
I was frozen and fumbling for the true thing to say
I swear I'd have had the words if I'd seen you from ten years away
I got all these wheels turning, I got love left to learn
I got candles that burn at both ends, now and then I shall return

Sing hallelujah, I was lost but now I'm found
Come on in, we'll treat you like kin, long as you don't make a scene or a sound
You gave me a restlessness that lives deep down in my bones
And a pretty good reason to keep right on being alone

Sing hallelujah, I was found but now I'm lost
I heard the call and I bet it all, and never even added the cost
You gave me a purpose, but I could not complete the task
As a child I repented my nature, til as a man, I repented my past

The headlines are burning, can you tell me what's real
My mortal vision is blurring, unclear on the terms of the deal
We got all our defenses, we got all of our pain
We've got all of our radiance, we got all of our rain