Letra de Old Wounds
I wanna fall asleep forever
I wanna learn to disappear
Can you take away the mess, that’s been building in my chest
Drowning out the song I used to hear
Love’s a violent word, don’t you forget it
I ain’t saying that you ever could
I’ve seen my seasons change
I was crying out your name
Remember when we used to feel so good

So don’t forget to love me in damnation
For the living I have earned on love gone wrong
And we’ll open up old wounds in celebration
If we don’t bleed, it don’t feel like a song

You got your honest intuition
You got your cigarette smoke
And I’m all your oldest fears, the black mark on last year
But I got the hope you let me hold
So let them judge and shove us under
And let them do the devil’s work
Let them calculate the crimes in all our broken rhymes
But let us find the heaven following the hurt