No Glory In Regret Letra

John Moreland

Big Bad Luv

Letra de No Glory In Regret
Did you hear the devil laughing
From the ambulance passing?
Or was that just my troubled mind?
Don’t you wanna shake the ground
And tear heaven down?
Raise your fist to the guilty sky
I’ve been pouring whiskey in the wind
Burning pictures of my best friends
Until the ashes cover me like rain
And you meant something to me then
And you mean something to me now
But some things ain’t meant to stay the same

Bless our busted hearts
Just sinking into the dark
Mourning these wasted old sparks
That all disappear
I never meant to be
Your woe-is-me emergency
But I ain’t dead yet
And I know there ain’t no glory in regret

Don’t it feel like the truth
Comes at the price of your youth?
When the hell you’ve paid ain’t quite enough
And God’s been making deals
While we’re down here spinning our wheels
And using up our little share of luck
Well you beg the world to know your name
And you get glitter spilling out your veins
Turn turn turn, babe, I guess it’s true
Cause I was standing on a dead end drive
With my pride, thumbing for a ride
And somehow I ended up next to you