Lies I Chose To Believe Letra

John Moreland

Big Bad Luv

Letra de Lies I Chose To Believe
Well I’ve gone and lost my faith in photographs
Cursed those martyrs that mark my past
And I long for a day when we’ll look back and laugh
About all this
But good luck finding your peace of mind
Being born into these brutal times
And these days I don’t pray when I close my eyes
I just bite my tongue a bit harder

Cause you were a lie I chose to believe
A lie I chose to believe

Let’s float these gutters up past heaven’s gate
Get me out of these damn desert states
Did you hear the one about the hand of fate?
It’ll make your heart stop
Do you ever wish you could just back out?
Take your nickels and go cash out?
Forget the faces you’ve been crying about
And see where forgiveness takes you?

Sweet surrender like the break of dawn
With the map laid out and the arrows drawn
But I think too much and wait too long
And I never tell but you know
How to lift me when I sink too low

Now I’ve found me a reason to be a man
Out on the shoulder with an outstretched hand
Just a little solid ground to stand
Is all I ever needed
So I’ll shout it out from the heavens above
Hell ain’t nothin’ but the devil’s drug
And love ain’t a sickness, though I once thought it was
When I was too surrounded to see