Letra de Latchkey Kid
Well tonight the stars are screaming
And I’ve long been learning how to let them go
I got these old familiar feelings
Looking back on how I got so low
Sometimes life plays like a series of exams
And you need someone to wash the bad blood off your hands
Well you’ll always be my favorite latchkey kid
I’m sorry that I hurt you like I did

There’s something wrong, something missing
Something I’ve seen inside my friends
And lord, it’s hard to find the vision
Standing at the darkest of dead ends
Won’t you tell me how the story goes and goes
When I’m too lost to tell my temples from my toes
I’ve got too many pages left to turn
To sit and wonder why that book won’t burn

So here I stand, right before you
Waiting for my turn to tow the line
Don’t let me die in California
While I’m dragging all these rivers in my mind
Cause I’ve found a love that shines into my core
And I don’t feel the need to prove myself no more
And when I look into the mirror, now I see
A man I never knew that I could be