It Don't Suit Me (Like Before) Letra

John Moreland

Big Bad Luv

Letra de It Don't Suit Me (Like Before)
Well we haven’t got all night
Come on and raise a toast
We’re only one time aiming for the sun
Thought we’d be grinding all our gears
Til we’re giving up the ghost
And grieving from the ties that we’d undone

I’m still staring at the sky, like at the start
With all these heavy anchors on my heart

But they don’t suit me, babe, like before
They don’t suit me like they did before
Always waving flags and waging wars
But it don’t suit me like before
It don’t suit me like before

Well folks like me and you
We don’t know how to call a truce
And when we can’t lose the fight, we just lose touch
So we sit comparing scars
Strumming on the stars
And leaning on the oldest, closest crutch

Don’t let me turn to dust to turn a phrase
Could you help me wash these years off of my face?

I used to have a prisoner’s point of view
Now I only care for being seen by you