Letra de Truth Is Freedom
Well I revealed who I am an hour too late
And now I'm regretting that mistake
'Cause I'm still smarting from the shards of broken mask
I've got embedded deep within my face
And you know it really hurt to fall
From atop my useless pedestal
So now my heart is screaming, You Fool!
Didn't you know... Truth is Freedom!

Well everyone knows the truth has a way
Of always coming out to make you pay
So why not save yourself an awful lot of pain
And let it out before it's too late
'Cause secrets they bring only two things
And those are fear and distrust
They are the shackles that keep us bound
So listen close... Truth is Freedom!

So this time I'll be honest from the start
Then I'll have nothing to hide
'Cause I'm a sinner and I'm ashamed
But so is she

So what's the point of hiding if all it brings is fear?
And love's not really worth it if it withstand a couple tears

So Truth is Freedom!