Letra de Miracle Age
When I was the age of thirteen
I was so sure of exactly two things
That I was just too young
And that one day I would grow up
I just thought it was some magical thing
That one day I'd wake up with perfect faith

Well I'm 21 now -- It's the Miracle Age
'Cause I'm all grown up now or so they say
And though I've grown so much of late
I know I'm still so young in so many ways

Well I knew that I didn't know much
But now I think that I knew even less than I thought
'Cause you know I was just a kid
With some crazy dreams in my head
But now I know growth comes through pain
Yet I'm still seeking You all the same

And I know that I'm not really wise
But I'm beginning to realize
That growing up's never quite done
But I can see that that's half the fun