Letra de Just Friends
You're such a scarce commodity
And I am poor it seems
Yeah, I'm so jealous of your time
But, Patience, he is king
So I can wait my turn
'Cause I'm holding out to find
A day with no one else in sight
When you're completely mine

So I'll just wait here for a while
In the shadows of Just Friends
Yeah, I'll just wait for one more day
In these shadows called Just Friends

Well I doubt it's even crossed your mind
That we could be much more
And I bet you think this song is for
Just some Other Girl
But I'm just too afraid
To tell you how I feel
And to say all of the things that I
Wish that I could say

But maybe one day I'll come out of my shell
And drop my cowardice by the wayside
'Cause I know you're worth the risk
Even if you don't feel the same