That's When I Think Of You Letra

John Kay

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Letra de That's When I Think Of You
(John Kay) I often lie awake at night And gaze into the sky I watch the stars move in their flight And every time I wonder At the beauty of the view And when it's magic touches me That's when I think of you At times I lie down by the sea And dream away the day I hear the laughter of the free That stroll along the bay Their arms around each other Their faces all aglow Ah, when I see that kind of love That's when I think of you Lately I've been wondering about my fellow man Seems he only wants to know me for his gain And though I know it's human to take all that you can Were it not for all your giving, I might never love again I've tried to find the words To write my feelings into song At times I almost got it right But most just turned out wrong And this one, it's no different The words just won't come through But every time I sing this song That's when I think of you