Sweet Memories Letra

John Kay

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Letra de Sweet Memories
When you say that you want me forever And you don't want me just while I stay Do you mean that it's always or never Can we not share the joys of today There's a chance that tomorrow I'm leaving There's a chance of a lonely goodbye But I've learned long go it ain't easy And it hurts so much more not to cry So I'll build my tomorrows on sweet memories Of the times we chased away the sorrow Than to live a lifetime of long emptiness And to bear the dreams I had to borrow Well if you don't believe me girl, you'll try in vain To get things guaranteed in life, except heartaches and pain And though you try to bind your joy with loving chains Happiness will come and go like sunshine and rain Repeat Chorus I remember the times full of pleasure That I shared with the women I knew There are moments that I'll always treasure They were special, each one, just like you So let's not play games with each other For the time may come soon when we'll part And though we're no longer together I will carry you here in my heart