Sound Of The Crowd Letra

John Kay

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Letra de Sound Of The Crowd
(John Kay) Every night you are lyin' in a different bed Every mornin' you don't know where you're wakin' Everyday you drag yourself from place to place Tryin' to find the time to keep your body fed There are times when you'll wonder what your travelin' for Never reaching a final destination There are times when you're lonesome and you long for home And you feel you just can't take it any more Well there'll be times when you'll fall asleep while standing up And you can't recall your name or station Just about the time you think you've had enough You gotta go, time to do your show But the sound of the crowd makes you feel all right When the building is full and they turn down the lights When the fans starts to roar and there's magic in sight I would trade places with no one tonight The sound of the crowd makes it all worth while When the place starts to shake and they dance in the aisle When they're up on their feet and the music is right I would trade places with nobody else alive Yonder comes the hawkshaw I wish I knew why he gets paid To criticize what other people do Well some are kind in what they write They're fair in what they say But he's gone blind in both his ears Because his head got in the way After all is said and done A poison pen will fail But he who writes with pick in hand Will finally prevail