Show Me How You'd Like It Done Letra

John Kay

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Letra de Show Me How You'd Like It Done
(John Kay) Oh darlin' what is wrong with you Oh baby it must be somethin' that I do 'Cause ev'rytime that we get down I wind up feelin' like a clown with you Eh sweet mama you just got to tell me true Oh babe what'll do the trick for you 'Cause if I don't know what you need We just never will succeed So tell me what you want And show me how you'd like it done Tell me what to do Will you show me what you know Oh tell me what you need Will you teach me how you'd like your fun It's the only way to get it done And if it takes all night We're gonna do this till it's right Oh darlin' tell me how you're feein' now Eh babe looks like your smile Returned somehow But if there's something else you'd like To be truly satisfied