Live Your Life Letra

John Kay

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Letra de Live Your Life
(John Kay) I was raised in the ruins, mama, 'till I was thirteen Every day I heard the radio Every night I had the same old dream To sing a song, oh, baby, to watch my name in lights If you wanna see your dream come true Honeychild, you gotta get right down and fight Well I sailed cross the ocean, girl, I felt so all alone Many times I thought about goin' right back home But the Joy I found in song gave me the will to carry on [Chorus:] Live your life the way you want to Don't let fools lead you astray Live you dreams so you hold on to All you need along the way I was payin' my dues right here in the land of the free All the time I learned to sing along I could not speak and I could barely see Still all the while I knew where I was at But the people that believed in me Lord, I could count them all in seconds flat Well, someday I would be, I knew it all along A gentleman of leisure, girl, right or wrong And though my dream has come and gone There's plenty more where those came from [Chorus]