Hey, I'm Alright Letra

John Kay

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Letra de Hey, I'm Alright
(John Kay) All the songs of pain I once knew It's so hard to sing them with you For the words no longer ring true All the things I used to say Were changed the day I met you You're all that I want And your love is all that I need For my world to feel complete You gave meaning to my life And I've no reason to be blue For I do as I please and I like what I do Most of all I like pleasin' you And I write what I feel And I'm feeling all right And I hope that this feelin' comes through Hey, I'm all right for tonight So don't play me songs full of sadness Hey, I'm all right There's no pain here inside So let us be glad of our madness I've been told it's easy to see Why each life must bare misery But it's hard to prove it by me All the time I spent with you The only joy I knew was free You're all that I want And you love is all that I need...