Letra de Overture
JudasMy mind is clearer now - at last all too wellI can see where we all soon will beIf you strip away the myth from the manYou will see where we all soon will beJesus!You´ve started to believeThe things they say of youYou really do believeThis talk of God is trueAnd all the good you´ve doneWill soon get swept awayYou´ve begun to matter moreThan the things you sayListen Jesus I don´t like what I seeAll I ask is that you listen to meAnd remember ? I´ve been your right hand man all alongYou have set them all on fireThey think they´ve found the new MessiahAnd they´ll hurt you when they find they´re wrongI remember when this whole thing beganNo talk of God then ? we called you a manAnd believe me ? my admiration for you hasn´t diedBut every word you say todayGets twisted round some other wayAnd they´ll hurt you if they think you´ve liedNazareth your famous son should have stayed a great unknownLike his father carving wood ? he´d have made goodTable chairs and oaken chests would have suited Jesus bestHe´d have causes nobody harm ? no-one alarmListen Jesus do you care for your race?Don´t you see we must keep in our place?We are occopied ? have you forgotten how put down we are?I am frightened by the crowdFor we are getting much to loudAnd they´ll crush us if we go too farListen Jesus do the warning I givePlease remember that I want us to liveBut it´s sad to see our chances weakening with every hourAll your followers are blindTo much heaven on their mindsIt was beautiful but It´s sourYes it´s all gone sour