Letra de Don't Follow Me
Called me up to tell me what a
fucking jerk you think I am
I'm an asshole, I'm a dickhead,
I am no longer your friend

You blame me for all your problems,
tell me that it's all my fault
Next day you'll come back to me
and you will sing the same old song

Don't you follow me
Don't you dare follow me
Yeah don't you dare follow me
I've had enough of you now
Don't you follow me

You remind me of a vulture
Always taking from the dead
All the shit that we went through
And started fucking with my head

And I know that I'm not perfect
I know that I've made mistakes before
But you aren't any better
Can't go through this anymore so


I will go to a place I can't find
Happiness and joy and lifeline
No I feel no pain
Much to hurt this

Maybe when I know we can't be together
Without these lies that always
end up true with me and you,
I know you want me back in to your life
But I won't go without a strife
That will always put us through so