Letra de [Bonus Track]
I always thought, she was a slut
But I never knew until I went to her house
I went to her house

I walked in her door (walked in her door),
She started saying weird things to me (saying weird things to me)
She told me I look good (that I look good)
Then she offered me a drink (offered me a drink)

As I took a sip (I took a sip)
She started laughing about (laughing about)
Then I felt sick (Then I felt sick)
Then I passed out (Then I passed out) [repeat]

When I awoke (When I awoke)
I didn't know where I was (didn't know where I was)
I looked around (I looked around)
I noticed I was cuffed right to her bed
(I was handcuffed) Right to her bed [repeat]

I tried to yell for help
But something stopped me from sounds
I felt the sharp pain,
Sharp pain in between my legs
Something was gone (Something was gone) [repeat]