Colin's Rebuttal Letra

Jered Sanders


Letra de Colin's Rebuttal
Yo, said I done said it more than two times like a pair of clocks
Last few days I done heard more than a pair of shots
I ain't talking steph curry
But a sharp shooter still scared of block
Only look twice but homie that's two peers like a pair of docks
And now we scared of cops, and rocking puma's for the track races
An advoration and a stack matrix, a tragic nation in a black basement
You don't mourn with them you that racist, its that blatant
And yea homie yea I'm black and I'm proud
But the heart blacker than black on a child
Smoking a black n mild, who ain't been on track in a while
Blasting a ratchet while clapping on the pastor with child Asking for massive thou
It's kinda of crazy how the sterling wants the blacks out
Now a black sterling got his back out
Pray for the heart of man
Times getting harder for you to mash out
And God take the black out You bleed and never backed out
But show did give a brother the story to rap bout
But true submission ain't the way to tap out
It's more like putting the garmin in the V instead of pulling maps out, rolling the dice quickest way to crap out
It's probably why the west side riding
Even though they pulling cap out
It's a little different when you throw the facts out
And everybody talk a little different when the plaques out
The body act out and everybody on a flag route what's that bout
Everybody saying with freedom you let it ring
We stand for the soldiers and bow in front of a king huh
But here the thing
Do you stand for the superbowl and put them chips down when the artist about to sing
Don't you lie neither
When you squatting in front of 50 and 60 inches
Looking like minnie grinches
Not even recognizing the fruit of the Willie Lynches
Ignoring the cop sirens and the city tension

Nine times out of ten, I'm in my feelings
But ten times out of nine, I'm only human
Tell me, what did I do wrong?
Feel like that question has been posed
I'm movin' on

We the shots opening backs like tailgaters witnesseing the crime but don't nobody tell neighbors
Do the most time cause they figure we hellraisers
While high quarterbacks one of the trailblazers
Afro picks and black power the anthem these days you can take that life three ways
Either the skin is king or underneath it we kin
Worship the king of kings the blood cleaning the sin
But my God forgives or disappear like how Sodom did
The grace suffient from the hood to the colleges
All the way from the prison cells to where the Obama's live
He intereceding for your godlessness
You should do a whole lot more groveling
If you knew the God he is
Our how astonishing the Gospel is
He took the admonishment I deserved Fufilling His promises now that's a heavenly accomplishment , Jesus lives