Letra de I Got U
I Got U Video:
Sometimes real love can be Not seen cause you're thinking What's right in front of you Can't be the one for you Then one day you realize that There are feelings that you can't hold back And you're so caught up now that's all you think of Crazy how... chorus 1: All that talk of us not able to last Just beacause of mistakes we made in the past But they failed to understand chorus 2: I got you And nobody can come and change a thing 'cause you gotta know You got me And it feels so good to have you back now, I'm so proud I got you And if somebody tries to take you from me They will see I got you, You got me I got you Things are often said to Doubt what I feel for you But words that people say Won't take my love away Although it hurts sometimes it's alright But why they say some things that ain't right I never know but please understand that Baby, it ain't nothing chorus 1+2 Talk is all that people can do Never mind all that love, all that you've Gotta do is simply Love, trust, and just stay focused on us Together we'll get thru Whatever if we don't let speculations mix situations up We'll be alright 2xchorus 2