Letra de Mother to the Moon
Mother to the Moon Video:
Ooh my lady, sweet lady, ring them bells for me
'Cause i am waiting to see you again from across the sea

And ooh you were a mother to the moon
But I am the light a million miles away

Rosemary was in the window and she is counting the stars
like Orion with his arrow and his bow i am reaching eastward trying to find you where you are

And ooh I'm not the only one for you
And like a boat with no oars i am standing on these shores for you

Like a blanket of city lights your eyes shine like the fourth of July
There's a d? in your window babe, but the fire don't know which way to fly

And ooh through the street cars of this train
I saw a light it was dying as Orion slowly faded away

Ooh my lady sweet lady ring them bells for me
'Cause I'm still waiting beneath the darkness for you to set me free

And ooh and in the morning I'll be gone
But every night with the moon I'll be the light in your room tonight