The Nightlife (Dirty White Shoes) Letra


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Letra de The Nightlife (Dirty White Shoes)
overdressed, underage
cheap and shameless like it's all the rage
this is your one chance to prove just exactly
what those dirty white shoes can do
i'm not looking for romance
just somebody who can dance
i'm not looking for romance
so show me what you've got

the music's playing the girls are dancing
let's hear it for the nightlife sing it with me

oh so quiet but confident
you're going through hell but you're heaven sent
you've got no style but you've got the moves
you've got what it takes to burn a hole
in those dirty white shoes

dance like nobody's watching
sing like nobody's in the room
dance baby, dance for me like there's nobody around
sing baby, sing for me like it's your last night in town.