Three-Minute Convert Letra

Isolation Years

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Letra de Three-Minute Convert
It came as no surprise

When we stopped playing at

The same time

'Cause we've got no sound to

Fill the void

After someone like you

Cymbals, horns we play

It did not help in any way

They're only cosmetics

Bound to crack

Under your burning sun

So we stayed in the shade

Just waiting for you

To sing the next verse

To help us get through

And when we get to the bridge

Our spirits renewed

We can take the refrain and

Sing it to you

Tunes and chords and scales

Yes I know them all too well

But no matter how i strum and hum

I can't get it right

Oh lord I've seen the blues

It's not major but it's true

And you've got my songs to

Fill my room

Now fill me up too