Letra de Nil
I've been drifting
I've been drinking too much
Been thinking I'm not thinking
Clearly enough

Are there two of me?
It feels like there are two of me
One is my enemy and
One's sent to deliver me

When I'm drowning
I like drowning alone
Don't need no one to tell me
To pull up the rope

I can't have only one
No I can't just have only one
It's all or none none
Now you know that it's true

So you,
Leave nil for me

I'll do different things
But I like them all
Blue is beautiful
Curl up in a ball

And don't feel anything
I Don't want to feel anything
It's more than feeling
And it's more than the real thing

Are you impressed
With how depressed I've become
Better get your angels
To go bang on a drum

But they don't recognize me
They Don't seem to recognize
I was baptized but they
Bared no mind

So you,
Leave nil for me
Leave nil for me
Keep it away from me
Keep it away from me