Already Gold Letra



Letra de Already Gold
Saw you standing on the corner
Flashing that plastic smile
Living out in California
Drove a couple thousand miles
Bet you never left a goodbye note
Didn’t know what to say
Bet you thought you had it all figured out
Somehow you lost your way

Come back in from the cold
You’re playing the game but you’re losing your soul
You’re moving too fast now you’re out control
You don’t need the glitter you’re already gol

Come back in from the cold
You’re living “the life” but you’re playing a role
Ooooooowhoa don’t act like nobody told ya!
You’re already gold

You’re trying to get your head right
Never been so hard for you
Cuz you’re all up in the headlines
For every little thing you do
You’ve probably burned a bridge or two
Chasing down those dreams
You’ll probably find out the hard way
It’s not all what it seems