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Letra de Waste Of Time
Same old thing, once again, this girl wants to be my friend. Nothing more, but something less, this girl's just like all the rest! I don't know what i've done but i guess she's not the one! I wish she could see that it was a mistake to dump me!

Why do I feel the same, I guess I'm just sick of her stupid games, that she plays when she plays me, I guess I was too dumb to see. She found herself another guy, she says their just friends but thats a lie. I don't understand her point of view... why do girls do what they do?

Why do i bother with girls? When they all just want to be friends? They say its not my fault and to just blame it on them... well I think they're dumb!

Maybe I'm just not good at treating girls exactly how I should, and maybe if I spent more time she woulds till be mine!