You People Are Messed Up Letra

Ion Dissonance


Letra de You People Are Messed Up
Why complicate the reasons behind preceding failures lying within us?
Look beyond deceit, journey through the corridors of convoluted mazes of departure.
Knowing damn well that our previous encounters were merely known as stepping stones.
Onward to our inteded destiny.

Abolish all, all preconcieved, notions of our former selfs.

This time around
We are back with a vengeance
Groomed with agility,
Our styles packed with versatility.

So brace yourselfs for this devestation
A punch to the face

Prepared and inclined to detonate this world
Go fuck yourselfs


No holds barred.
Mediocrity considered as fair play.
Our strongest beliefs.
Your narrowed point of views
You don't deserve to be alive
Senseless morons will never take our self respect.