Failure In The Process Of Identifying A Dream Letra

Ion Dissonance

Breathing Is Irrelevant

Letra de Failure In The Process Of Identifying A Dream
shadows are finally freed to hover... the wintry landscape, apart from their
mated-masters, they seem serene has they dance childishly. has for my
soul... it is floating over some greyish magenta, watching me losing
conscience from a good distance... solaris is dimly shinning, and is
desperately trying to pierce the pale wall of mist, blurring his vision. I
cannot exactly describe this weariness in which I am drowning, yes... it is
possibly the darkest day that I've ever experienced. yet misery don't seem
so heavy anymore, it seems more or less constant and relentless? sorrow
slips over me like rain usually does on soft skin... cold as marble stone.
I'm overwhelmed by this sudden state of neutrality... of weightlessness. I
am lost trough an emptied heaven... I sense that I am no longer alone in my
foreign journey, around me they swirl silently, those little aerial beings.
little angels of demise whispering music to my hear, exquisite yet
inaudible. I cannot understand a thing of what they're saying. silence is
the beauty that I behold, profound has an eternal slumber, holding the
strangest of dreams. blindly I follow, for I am simply drugged by their
livid smile. I cannot stop... not now, so close... (to the unknown) frost is
gradually spreading trough my veins, and toward my darkened heart,
crystallizing my blood after its passage... luring me far away from what I
might have once called: home... those little spirits are slowly killing me,
with purity. I know now that they want me to die an horrible death, has much
has anyone else. and frankly, I don't really care anymore...