A Regular Dose Of Azure Letra

Ion Dissonance

Breathing Is Irrelevant

Letra de A Regular Dose Of Azure
as a flower, she bloomed once her wrists were opened. I remember her scent,
intoxicating. my communication with her was clearly enhance. but her's was
quickly fading, discontinued and frail. her eyes reflected an hopeless
apprehension, for a compassionate smile, a misplaced melancholy.
liquid-azure, she stared at me... like when we used to drink too much
cocktails on sunday's afternoon... I remember her heart-breaking smile, now
beautifully distorted. agony and orgasms combined, I swear. don't worry
girl, everythin' is going to be alright. can't wait till she sober up and
realise what is truly happening. she seem gently desperate, numb and on the
verge of collapsing. but that... I cannot allow. this is a test and I
couldn't get more sentimental. her pulse, slowing down, foreshadowing a very
long and quiet season, of dreamlike serenity... I'll miss her so much (Ether
died as a martyr, unknown, in a secluded asylum)