Letra de Destination
What did you say, my friends?
stiffened from the cold
you move together
to see things coloured?
what did you say, my friends?
everyone's in the bowl
to toast with death cups
wrong time to shut up?
What did you say, my friends?
democracy is growing old
so take it over
to live in clover?
where do you go, my friends?
gone astray on well known roads
just one step forward
and two steps backwards.
what has gone wrong, my friends?
live in your own shadows
can't trust in someone
you rely on.
Nothing to lose, my friends?
smash up the crystal ball
and give the pieces
a new meaning.
What do you fear, my friends?
don't be afraid of how the world will be doing
when it's lain ruins.

(Dank an Rose DeOop für den Text)