You're Gonna Find A Way Out Letra

The Interrupters

Say It Out Loud

Letra de You're Gonna Find A Way Out
he’s got the best record collection
and he makes the best record selection
but when he drinks yea he’ll start flexin’
get arrested and end up in correction
because he’s got a lot of pent up aggression
there was an officer at the intersection
everyone got away except him
and now he’s got a lot of time for reflection

rude boy in a penitentiary
locked up not where you wanna be
you’re gonna find a way out

four walls been driving him mental
the location of the jail is central
and he don’t like to get sentimental
when his girl brings a family memento
in his cell block there’s a dirty window
where he can see the sun and moon glow
but the warden just caught him with a bindle
and now he won’t get released December

he got paroled and got a Smith & Wesson
and he always kept it on him for protection
shot a man in the street for disrespecting
rude boy when will you learn your lesson?!