Letra de Jenny Drinks
Jenny drinks everything in the kitchen sink
until she’s all messed up and she can barely think
Jenny cries, and then she sighs her final goodbyes
doesn’t wipe the teardrops from her eye ‘cause she’s on the brink

she said, “the world just ain’t ready for a spirit like me
i’ve never been so frustrated with humanity
and I suppose that i’m the one who seems crazy
but the world just ain’t ready for a spirit like me”

Jenny smokes until she chokes and she’s flat broke
and her lungs are all caked up with a flat black coat
Jenny laughs, but she’ll fight back to show her pack
that her kindness ain’t no weakness and she’ll react

genuine, she’ll invite you in for a Jameson
she’s a saint although ya know she likes to sin
she don’t budge, and she don’t judge she’s full of love
at the very least she’s always interesting