Through The Looking Glass Letra

Ink Dot Boy

The Beautiful Murder

Letra de Through The Looking Glass
One, two, three, four,
One, two, three, four,
If I could see the life in me,
If I could could know, than I would show,
If I could fall, run down, and more,
If you could kill, you surely will...
Because it's understanding flowing free..
ELUDE there child and fall,
ELUDE there child and fall,
One two three four
A ghost appears, for all she hears,
Through dark and light, across this night
And freaks will climb, around your mind,
Through crawling crept, and shadows left.
Cause it's understanding, flowing Free
Elude, there child and fall.
EluDE, there child and fall.
EluDe, there child and fall

(Thanks to JadedKitty & Straliegh for these lyrics)