Letra de Projecting The Pure
She's not, too phat, he's not, too thin
It's the, shit seducin' your dreams
You can't act like you want it, and can't act when you like it.
Here your getting down with angela, and hear the shit's tight knit
After the date yo, she wont get off your chest
Next thing ya know, oh, she made a big mess
Coming to realize you ain't the one bustin' tha flow oah...
You're in to late and you like it, so with this you'll address ho..

I'm not the feeling inside of you
I'm the urge with which there's action
Ticking defibrillation's daunted
On the pinnacle of your satisfaction
Blame your laziness on the society
Are a lot more sane according to formalities
Can't fuck shit until ya get this ride out of me
Time to be feeling inside, most cry loud for me

Your random impulses, generate your stupidity,
In tandem, convulsions; like getting closer to me
Dipped in the waters, of sweet satisfaction
You're ripped from her arms, in search of some action
Think its new, when you maraud the rest willingly
Just to fuck the view, of tha niggas who contest courteously
Your blatant skills, acquired so self-preservingly
Incestuous skills, you'd do well and good to learn from me

Your sands are impressed with time by your lucidity
Just to fall short, with a finite hourglasses pity
She's coming too, along with your realizations
And who knew the one you'd hate anyway?!?!
Blame your craziness on the reality
Aren't a lot more sane according to totality
You can fuck yourself anyway without me
Your not down, fo crime, fuckin any day

Time's not fleeting it's beside you
Timed to purge the bile caused from lacking
Self-concept and self-limitation
Looking to mirrors who's' aren'tcho's fo reflecting
Got the time someday?
Should do the crime anyway
Will do the time someway
Time to be feeling the tides, the sands all for free