Letra de Up In Arms
Nobody knows where you went.
Now it seems like our time spent
Is fading away in pictures now.
But, I still talk to you out loud.
Nobody knows what to say.
It just seems like yesterday
Complaining, laughing, out on the town.
Swearing our feet would never hit the ground.

Nobody knows what to make
In the afterthought of this mistake.
You were stolen away in your prime
And I can't live on limited time.
My heart sinks.
I walk through the door.
All our friends staring at the floor.
Nobody knows what to say
‘Cause it just seems like yesterday, my friend.
You were supposed to be there until the end.

So please someone give me a sign.
Because I know not how to unwind.
No explanations, no reasons why.
Because they always leave me up in arms.