Letra de Pleasure Called Hate
staring trough the eyes of a cosmic existence
my body and soul divorce again
no need for the fragile human life . . .
caressing my wounds while I am chained to the ground
echoes of fear nourish my lust for domination whatever it will cost
and into the lands of purgatory I awake
I have given place to a totally new self
forsaken, stand on the fields of a self evilution
nihilistic supremacy, liberation from the thoughts naive
the hatred clears my mind
from scorn I will rise
preparing for the hardest fight

selfish pride, turning into endless pleasure time

mechanization of our lives
trough divine consciousness
lament of the human kind
obsolete perfection
a new intelligence arise
selfcaged stagnation
I'm the eraser of your world
denied salvation
an organic carnal anagram
no attempt at resolution
come and hear my twisted lies
neurotic pleasure hate . . .