Letra de Area Turns Red
Can you dig it?
Yeah !
Can you dig it!?
Caaan yooouuuu diiig iiit !!?

[Chamdin a.k.a Cham]
Can I get it on with my girlfriend, a good daughter
point to lose, y'all pay by duce
Chamdin, that's my name [come agian]
proud of being black in the game
surviving- yeah, life's a test
a test who, who, who's next
to grab me and lift me up against the wall
call me names but I still stand tall
nevertheless what they say, ask me
blaming me for their society
so where's the tragedy now
left in hell, when the devils' in town
several goals is delivered to my head,
revenge revenge, Freddy's dead
revenge revenge, that's what I said

Shoot the racist and the area turns red
Shoot the racist and the area turns red
Shoot the racist and the area turns red
Shoot -shoot-and the area turns red

Back down, and better [bring it over, now it's on]
ha, without a doubt, don't be blinking
the fools be thinking that the suckers be chaplin
no time to talk and make peace
it ain't the first time people are dying
yes y'all, keep the call
punk take the fault, always stand tall
I ain't the one who takes things slightly
black to white together-never
we better pray to see a new day
a major problem can be solved in heaven
but son, it ain't no fun to be chased on the run
the baldest baby take a stand
so you won't fear the body of the dead man


[Rod-É a.k.a Rigorod]
Men once was shot and they got treated like dirt
no more, no more, no more I will get hurt, cause
back in the jungle a man was free
free from fear, from urban captivity, cause
no where a color, we heard that too
brother got as sick as you
runing trough his face, just like the ocean
so they won't admit that, so take caution
coz the enemy just want to separate
the human race, so there ain't no time to debate
start taking care of yourself, find your soul
and that's an individual that you find your course HU!
start to use your mind for the people
cause this is the food that makes us evil
disagree, the proof will show it's red
and the truth to turn from the shame


I pick up with the dance, and the people drop dead
cause the area turns red
follow me, coz we said and they said
that the area turn red
come and dance with the people that ....
uh- follow me -uh
(and the area turns red, red, red, red)