Before The Locks Of Twilight Letra



Letra de Before The Locks Of Twilight
Key, to unlock the mind...
Decorated soul, ancient and golden.
Then, the feathers burn,
And you've seen the Earth, afar.
Now you are.. what you are not...
Fallen, to the sky?
And nothing can unwind,
The spells of this wine.
So.. you dine with the grey beast,
And share his chalice..
Dwell, in his wives' silver palace..
And how you know
The weight, of their arts...
The depths, of their seas..
The distance, of time,
From your state of being,
Until the Earth shall be.. no more,
Than a word...
And the world will be reduced,
To the seed...
And your exhales books,
For none to read...
For now you bear the horns,
And the Kingdom.. is yours.
You lift your left hand,
And the stars, beg for mercy...