Letra de Dying Alone
Were do I take this pain I feel, These wounds that will not heal?
And when I hear my demons call, I then become a thrall
She runs her hands across my chest, our love is oh so blessed
And at her words I feel no jest, For this I live to quest

She is the angel, I deserve to see
Can you remove this pain without killing me?
She hears my dying moan, my heart no longer stone
To the depths I sentence thee, I wish to die alone

Warping what I see as just, she activates my lust
She sees the tears of blood I cry, she knows I didn't lie
I know our love shall turn awry just before I die
She comforts me before my death, I cherish every breath

Now It's the end she cannot see why she must leave me be
And in her heart I place the key to love eternally
Though I'm the one she could not save she gave unto my grave
And now that I have gone above she knows about true love