Loser From Down The Street Letra

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Letra de Loser From Down The Street
I wake up and the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day
I go outside and then I'm blinded by the beauty on you face
I look at you, look at me, tell me girl just what you see
A broken man who could not be the controller of your destiny
I think that you are the right girl, and you could fit into my world
I know you think that I'm a stupid geek, the loser from down the street
As I walk down the street I see you standing there
My head goes numb, my knees get weak, I can't help but stare
You see I'm trying, trying so hard, but I'm not trying to go far
I wanna take you in my car, but you still think that I'm a retard
Don't know why you don't see me, don't know why you don't care
I know that I'm not extraordinary
But if I could muster up the strength I'd say hello, my name is Gary
Don't know why girls are so tough. Why they try to mess with my head
Maybe because I'm not strong enough, strong enough to get in your bed