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Inde 74

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Letra de Duke Chastity
Here's a little ditty
About a girl I once knew
She looked pretty, felt shitty
Had a beer or two
I know how to lose and
I know how to cry
At least I say I'm here today
That's one down for the night
But he took it away
Felt like this yesterday
That's why I say
The man has got it out for me
Took it all away
D-E-V-I-L she's a
Devil in disguise and
She tries to hide it
D-E-V-I-L she will
Fuck up your life and
She won't give a damn
Not even close
To the perfect guy
Six foot two, blonde and blue
Not even shy
What is with all
The standards today
For the average guy
There is no way
Just the average joe
Kickin in the blue
Got slicked hair bloodshot eyes
Wants to get with you
One more drink
Time to think
He took her away on
The drunken parade tonight
What ever happened to
The perfect guy
Not to blunt but,
Not even shy
Somebody tell me
I don't know why