Beyond The Unknown Letra


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Letra de Beyond The Unknown
Perfect night The moon shines bright But covered with blood Because this is an evil night Calls for a sign Is what the invokers are meditating The souls from beyond Are hearing them calling Moving objects Sinister sounds in the air Nerves tense Hands holding tight You can feel it answering everywhere The seekers are happy Thinking that they are hearing The voice from their loved one [Chorus:] Beyond the unknown Powerful spectre Closing in Is it a dream Or is it true Beyond the unknown Communication begun thru the incarnated body Of the spiritual leader Questions are asked, answer correct But they don't know the real horrors Behind the spirit of the dead Ceremony is over now Relatives left in satisfaction Knowing that he's resting in eternal peace [Lead] Days have passed Then there was a knocking at the door Live in the flesh The missing one that they tought was dead Memories coming back Realizing what they have heard Was nothing but a malignant force Telling them nothing but lies [Repeat chorus]