Crimson Inclinations Letra

In Truth Be Valor

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Letra de Crimson Inclinations
Waking up in boarded walls I cringe and perspire by the haze that is a belated memoir in my derision, but out of sheer ironicism they may be a part of the carnivorous calvary. Beyond this pathetic barricade as we are awaiting their influx, we have but no choice to adapt to our fears that are clinging to our consciences, grasping the audacity left in my marrow. I now smell the filth, I hear the shrieks that pulse and corrode with full intent of an abomination, the same curse that claims their essence, full force will arrogate and abolish, but not I. To exist I shall sacrifice the good i have left, I am so sorry my love!
And with this I give my final glimpse (x3). Remember and cherish the delicacy we have conceived, together we make this crimson our inclination, craving it in every pore, favoring more by the hour. Now as we beget consumption we must breed, it's our tactic to reign. Feed of the dread as it bound fully maintains a continuous stock of our own derivative. We may never succumb, but rather be (but rather be) morbidity's Adam and Eve (Eve). We claim the fate of every malice as I gorge. We fuck and we feast for we are the new age. Disease and cohabit, claiming this hatchery of hell to be mine. This hell is mine(x3)

With this I thrive (x4)
With this I thrive, I thrive