It's For Everyone Letra

In Control

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Letra de It's For Everyone
I want you to have fun, i want to have fun too
dance hard or die.....yeah, thats how i feel
but use your fucking head, have consideration
cuz the fucking dance floor is for everyone

quit blasting all the kids
show some respect
cuz if you're just wrecking people
then we're gonna have to keep you in check

be the first to say I'm sorry be the last one to start a fight
that's the first step to get the scene working tight
when someone gets out of line stand your fucking ground
don't sit there so complacent, have a say in the crowd

no use in proving that you're tough, that's not how it works
how much integrity that you have determines what you're worth
look out for everyboday and try not to hurt anyone
cuz if you always got to watch your back then it's have fun