Letra de Optimist
He really was one of a kind
A visionary, a head of his time.
He brought smiles to every face he met
He would touch you in a way you could not forget
He always seemed to be so alive
Knowing we would somehow survive
There was an up-side to every event
A reason it happened...something was meant
He grew up in conditions that would scare us
He would go to school in a bullet-proof bus
But all of these things helped shape him
from a boy...to a man named Tim
Helping the world, a person at a time
He really was one of a kind.
But all good things must come to an end...
or so he said as he laid on the bed
The doctors were not sure what to say
he told me don't worry, he'd be alright anyway.
Why do we miss him so very much?
When we should be happy that we were all touched.
Now he's up there looking down here...
knowing that we all really care.
I hope to see him again sometime
I hope he knows that I'm doing just fine.