Letra de No Use
I know it maybe didn't show
but I cared more than I think you know
now you're gone and it feels weird
talking to your ghost, getting scared
but your not dead, just not with me and its really no mystery
he is new and just a change
you said I was fucked and acting deranged.
...But I think it's just a fad And hearing that you get so mad.
But I was right with all the others even though you said they were like "brothers"
after time passed they grew old and you came back taking me out of the cold
how much more can I stand when will you just accept my hand
what we had was just seemed so great... and could not be traded for a first date.
Maybe I'm fighting a battle not worth fighting maybe I'm wasting both times with these writings
but right now I'm missing you so much. Missing your smell, missing your touch.
and I'm afraid I'll be gone when you finally read this pathetic song
and know that I cared for you so fucking deeply know that what we had was treated so cheaply
my words are starting to cause me to cry thinking about your ghost and wanting to die...